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Institute for the Advancement and Application of Lean Six Sigma principles and tools for business process improvement and OpEx | Facilitator of World Class Lean Six Sigma Coaching and Training.


International Lean Six Sigma Conference 2022
June 28th - 29th 2022
Bucharest, Romania


We provide Accredited Lean Six Sigma Certifications through our online proctored exams. We offer a wide variety of certification levels from Yellow Belt all the way to Master Black Belt level.


Our team of experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts can provide both onsite and remote coaching.


We provide onsite consulting services. We assist clients with specific problems they are facing and use the Lean Six Sigma methodology, principles, tools and techniques.

ILSSI is on a mission be the most admired International Lean Six Sigma organisation for its people, partnerships and performance. Collaboration with Universities, Business Hubs, Government Departments and Research facilities.

Facilitates and communicates best practices in the training and practical application of Lean Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques. Provides governance to ensure the integrity of examinations and certifications for Lean Six Sigma.

Conducts research and publishes case studies and white papers. Directors and Non-Executive Board Members from UK, Africa, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Pakistan, Switzerland, Portugal, USA, Nigeria, Caribbean and Central America, Brazil, Egypt and Hong Kong.

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ILSSI Project Excellence Award 2021

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, all of our Lean Six Sigma exams and certifications are  Internationally Accredited and Certified by the ILSSI, based in the UK and international partners on every continent.

There are 4 levels of certifications,  Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.  To obtain a Yellow, Green or Black Belt Lean Six Sigma certification, you must pass an exam ( e-mail us for more information or see ).  For the Master Black Belt you must also have proof of at least 5 years as a successful practicing Black Belt and have completed at least 3 DMAIC projects which can be audited by the International Lean Six Sigma Institute ( e-mail us for more information about the auditing process ).

Yes, ILSSI offers Lean Six Sigma exams in different languages.  We presently offer English, French and Italian with plans to offer Dutch, Spanish and Romanian by the end of 2020.

International Lean Six Sigma Institute Conference 2022 :
June 28th - 29th
Bucharest, Romania

The International Lean Six Sigma Institute (ILSSI) will host the 2022 International Lean Six Sigma Conference in Bucharest, Romania

June 28th-29th 2022

More details to follow shortly

ILSSI Project Excellent Award 2021: TWI Global, Cambridge UK

March 2021, Cambridge, UK:  TWI Director of Technology, Mike Russell, said, “I am delighted to receive, on behalf of TWI, the Lean Six Sigma Project Excellence award from ILSSI. This is in recognition of TWI’s local operational improvements programme, which empowers and supports our staff and teams to engage with and resolve their operational issues. The programme so far has supported over 30 local interventions within TWI, improving our processes and working environment in response to the insights and understanding of those in the gemba.”