International Lean Six Sigma Conference :   Jan 13 - 17 2020  Cambridge, UK.

£395 per day. 

Package Deal :  £795  for 3 days  ( Speakers and Workshops  +  tour of Lean Manufacturing Facility )

Group Discounts available :

50%-OFF for Students

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ILSSI Conference 2020 Cambridge
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International Lean Six Sigma Conference 2020

Process Improvement and Quality professionals come together this January 13th - 17th 2020 in Cambridge
to network, learn from the most experienced practitioners in Lean Six Sigma and exchange ideas.

The International Lean Six Sigma
Institute (ILSSI) will host the Lean Six Sigma
Conference in Cambridge UK
January 2020.

Internationally recognized speakers will
address the crowd at this leading event for
process improvement professionals. This 2020
event will be the most comprehensive Lean Six
Sigma conference in the UK in 2020

The Lean Six Sigma conference attracts international experts,
representatives from retail, manufacturing,
government, healthcare and pharmaceutical.

Marc LeCoultre

Marc LeCoultre speaks on Machine Learning at 2019 ILSSI Conference

Monday & Tuesday, 13th & 14st

CSSC Accredited Yellow Belt Training and Certification class : John Dennis, Master Black Belt trainer.

Wednesday, 15th

Dr Salman Al Mishari : Root Cause Analysis with Six Sigma in Oil and Gas

Francisco Dominguez : Our Lean Six Sigma Journey at CMP Products
Paul Allen : DOE, The Quickest way to Optimization of your processes
Prof. Jiju Antony : Lean Six Sigma for Public Sector Organizations
Bushrah Naz-Tyrer : The Psychology of Transformation for OpEx
Miguel Araujo : The Quality Journey at Purever 2016-2019

Marc Lecoultre: How Artificial Intelligence is changing process optimization

Ashutosh Pandey (Certified Master Black Belt) Head of Strategic Quality Transformation at Nokia (London).

Jenny Davis :  Marginal Gains; Team GB Cycling
Chris Alcock : Value Stream Mapping
Adam Bowden : Kaizen Thinking and Behaviour

Thursday, 16th

Ashutosh Pandey : Continuous Improvement drivers at Nokia
Prof. Jiju Antony : Why does Lean Six Sigma transformation often fail ?

Patricia Esnault, Process Improvement Leader at East-West United Bank S.A.,  Luxembourg
Miguel Araujo : Lean Transformation – from improving flows to people engagement
Paul Allen : Drink Tea and Read the Paper...Lessons from a Sony Corp Black Belt
Jenny Davis : British Cycling’s Marginal Gains Principle 
Adam Bowden : 5S The most fundamental of tools
Paul Allen : SPC Keeping your processes
Chris Alcock : Using Big Data in your Six Sigma projects

Friday, 17th

Site Tour of Local Lean Manufacturing Site in Cambridge
Location to be arranged before September 2019