Introducing the Strategic Partners of ILSSI

ILSSI provides an ecosystem that is fair, agile, inclusive and supports innovation, cooperation and collaboration for Win-Win-Win outcomes.

Bilal Consultancy Lean Six ILSSI ( ATO ) ILSSI 5ST3PS Lean Six Sigma Netherlands Amsterdam ( ATO ) Gruppo Galgano Milano ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Partner Lean solutions academy Patrick Adams Six Sigma ILSSI USA UK (ATO) Cranfield School of Management Lean Six Sigma MBA Green Belt UCOURSE.ORG [UCOURSE Academy] was established in Hong Kong in 2019 (company name: UCOURSE LTD), dedicated to providing high-quality online courses and courses for Chinese people in China, Hong Kong, and even all over the world. UCOURSE.ORG 【优思学院】于2019年成立于香港(公司名称:优思学院有限公司 / UCOURSE LTD),致力于为中国、香港、以至身处于全球各地的中国人提供优质的线上课程和考试认证,促进全国的人材培育、个人的职业发展,让学员在事业上事半功倍,同时助力国家的未来的急促发展。 ( ATO ) BridgeD Training and Consultancy Inc. Philippines Lean Six Sigma ILSSI Accredited Partner CI Projects UK Lean solving business challenges ILSSI John Rooney Lean Six SIgma OPEX Chester JRC Learn to be Lean JRC Learn to be Lean (ATO) Buckingham is the only independent university in the UK . Lean Training ILSSI Performax Foundation LEan Six Sigma ILSSI thierry nzhie Cameroon Africa Performax Foundation ENVISO ILSSI Lean Six SIgma Training|Coaching|Consulting ( ATO ) Morphis Consulting ILSSI with CEO and Master Black Belt Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis are our value-add partners and help organizations improve their operational performance, while also creating a culture of continuous improvement. ( ATO ) Brian Butler ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Practical project-based solutionsfor business productivity improvement Institut lean ASMUN SARL Morocco Leanology ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Certification Scanba Scandanavian Business Analytics Crossnova ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Italia Six Sigma Reliability
Saudi Arabia ( ATO ) Six Sigma Reliability Saudi Arabia ( ATO ) Iconic Digital World Logo Iconic Digital World Circle of Improvement Netherlands Maarten Vierlander LEAN PARTNER Lean Six Sigma OPEX ILSSI Walker Business Transformation ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Bonfiglioli Consulting Lean Six Sigma OPEX ILSSI in Italy Open Mind Egypt ILSSI Lean Six Sigma IASSC Training Certification ( ATO ) Datalyzer ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Reliance Fidelity International Group (RFIG) Ltd is an international management consultancy Lean Six Sigma ILSSI Jack Adjetey Missouri University ILSSI Partnership Lean Six Sigma project altitude lean six sigma training ILSSI Army Airforce Navy Martin Michaells mm consulting nz ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Kuwait Continuous Improvement Lean Six Sigma ILSSI Kuwait Continuous Improvement Boxbrain ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Pakistan Accredited Training Organisation Jeff Mejia strategic lean six sigma Philippines (ATO) Pi-Sims Del-Sim ILSSI Lean Game Gamification Lean Six Sigma LEAN 6 SERVICES LTD ( UK ) LEAN 6 SERVICES LTD ( UK ) Patricia Esnault Consulting Lean Six Sigma ILSSI Luxembourg Belgium France Anita Stalin Lean Six Sigma ILSSI Excel. Bespoke and Innovative Solutions from the best Excel Consultancy Service ILSSI Accredited Partner Giuseppe Giambalvo Six Sigma Training USA Jennifer Holbus Master Black Belt Greece Lean Six Sigma ILSSI training Vendorsrl Lean Six Sigma Italia France Lean en ligne en Francais David Hutchins Innovation Quality Institute Makeway Lean Six Sigma ILSSI ( ATO ) UTC AFRICA Consulting ILSS Lean Six Sigma Institute Accredited Partner ELAMRI Slimane Managing Direct Lean On Me Scotland ILSSI Accredited Training Partner Danny Gregory LOMSS Blcokchain ILSSI Lean LeanBlcokchain SigmaXL ILSSI partnership improvetogrow Netherlands Lean Six Sigma la primera y única academia de Lean Manufacturing en República Dominicana Ymaya Lean Academy ( ATO ) Chris Alcock Lean Six Sigma Accredited Training Organisation ( ATO ) ILSSI High Level training institute Pi-Sims Del-Sim ILSSI Lean Game Gamification Lean Six Sigma

Del-Sim is a multi-player online tool simulating a delivery company (such as Amazon, Deliveroo or Fedex) in which online participants do work and are challenged to improve the process. This is ‘Gameification’ of Lean training and is ‘fun while you also learn’. Players learn by doing. They learn what works and what fails. They identify inefficiencies in the process and use lean tools and principles such as Kanban (visual signals for a Pull System ) and Poka Yoke ( Mistake Proofing ) to create Flow and reduce Waste.

Michel Rooyen is co-founder of the parent company of Del-Sim. Michel believes “There must be joy in learning. If not, what is the point?”.
Co-founder Maxim Korenyugin puts it this way “We make them fail, in order to make them learn!”


ENVISO GLOBAL is an Accredited Training Organisation ( ATO ) of  ILSSI.   Enviso provides management consulting, training and is an international center for examination and certification in Lean Six Sigma, Lean Management, Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, Innovation, Operational Excellence and BPMN.  ENVISO Consulting and Training Division delivers training sessions, both for companies or individuals willing to discover and implement process improvement methodologies.

ILSSI 5ST3PS Lean Six Sigma Netherlands Amsterdam


5ST3PS is the top Lean Six Sigma Training company in The Netherland and has won the prestigeous award Best Trainers in the Netherlands for 3 years in a row, with the prize for Best Trainer for Quality and Project Management, Best Trainer in the Netherlands going to Master Black Belt Willem Salentijn.  5ST3PS had been a partner of ILSSI since January 2020 and offers ILSSI Accredited Certifications. 

UCourse,org Hong Kong UCOURSE.ORG 【优思学院】

UCOURSE.ORG 【优思学院】  ( ATO )

于2019年成立于香港(公司名称:优思学院有限公司 / UCOURSE LTD),致力于为中国、香港、以至身处于全球各地的中国人提供优质的线上课程和考试认证,促进全国的人材培育、个人的职业发展,让学员在事业上事半功倍,同时助力国家的未来的急促发展。

Bonfiglioli Consulting Lean Six Sigma OPEX ILSSI in Italy


Bonfiglioli Consulting

Bonfiglioli Consulting is an Italian management consulting firm operating worldwide, with over 100 employees based in 12 offices spread in 3 continents. Since 1973, Bonfiglioli Consulting supports companies in their projects of transformation thanks to our Lean World Class® methodology.

Learning how to turn strategy into action, optimizing processes, innovating products and services, implementing transformation projects, experiencing first-hand the value of technology: all this is Lean Factory School®. Our innovative training school where we offer a wide range of online, in class and hybrid training programs.

Six Sigma Training USA Jennifer Holbus Master Black Belt

My Six Sigma Trainer ( USA )

With dynamic leadership from Six Sigma Master Black Belt Jennifer Holbus.

💥Driving Change & Continuous Improvement💥 | Change Acceleration | Lean Six Sigma | Helping process owners bust bureaucracy & simplify processes so they can reduce expenses & create value for their employers.

CrossNova ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Rediamo nella sinergia tra le tradizionali metodologie di Miglioramento Continuo e le nuove tecnologie digitali. All’interno del nostro team uniamo esperienza, passione e competenze trasversali. Scopri le nostre esperienze
Forniamo un programma completo di formazione che comprende sia corsi tradizionali sia corsi innovativi relativi alla Quarta Rivoluzione Industriale. Il nostro obiettivo in ambito formativo è quello di fornire strumenti adeguati e personalizzati in base alle specifiche necessità dei nostri clienti.