ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Conference 2020 Cambridge


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The ILSSI was founded as a partnership for greater understanding and standardization between Lean Six Sigma professionals in the UK, Switzerland, EU, Africa, USA and the Middle-East with a focus on providing International collaboration, common understanding and standards for both Lean and Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques.
ILSSI runs an annual conference as well as offering training, certification, coaching and consulting services, directly and through its partner network.
Education is central to ILSSI activities. The institute's training and certification programs are divided by global region.
We have Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts providing consulting and training services in  South East Asia, the Middle-East, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.
The institute's corporate advisory arm offers strategic advice as well as project analysis and guidance to both commercial and not-for-profit clients
John Dennis ILSSI

John Dennis

Chairman, ILSSI

Constantin Stan Enviso Lean Six Sigma ILSSI

Constantin Stan

CEO Enviso

Jenny Davis Lean Six Sigma ILSSI Consultant Scotland

Jenny Davis

ILSSI Consultant, Scotland

Kola Lean Six Sigma ILSSI

Kola Olutimehin

Director, Africa

comemit Germany ILSSI Fatemeh Amiri

Fatemeh Amiri

AI and People Analytics Expert


Chris Alcock Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Chris Alcock

Director, UK

Dr Salman T Mishari ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Dr Salman Al Mishari

Director, Saudi Arabia

Juliane Haan ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Account Manager

Juliane Haan

ILSSI Account Manager

Dr. Daryl Powell professor at Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management. He is also Chief Scientist and Research Manager at SINTEF Manufacturing

Dr. Daryl Powell

Chief Scientist

SINTEF Manufacturing, Norway

Jiju Antony Lean Six Sigma iLSSi

Professor Jiju Antony

Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi

Alireza Shokri (2)

Dr. Alireza Shokri

Northumbria University

Albanesa Ymaya ILSSI Lean Transformation Dominican Republic

Albanesa Ymaya

President Ymaya Lean Academy

Dominican Republic

Miguel Araujo Lean Six Sigma

Miguel Araujo

Master Black Belt , Portugal

Desislava Bozhkova ILSSI Lean Six Sigma

Desislava Bozhkova

Director, Bulgaria

Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis, PhD Dr. Morphis Tsalikidis, PhD ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Madrid

Dr. Morphis  Tsalikidis

Master Black Belt.  Spain and Greece


Aleksandr Sidorec

Advisor, Supply Chain

Paul Allen Lean Six Sigma ILSSI

Paul Allen

MBB Coach, UK


Siu Wai Au

SE Asia  优思学院

Jimmy Forster Lean Six Sigma

Jimmy Forster

International Partner Liason


Dolf Hannert

LSSIAP President

ILSSI Director, USA

Fabio D'agostino

Fabio D'Agostino

Consultant Bio-Tech

Marc Lecoultre b-w

Marc Lecoultre

Expert in AI & Data Science

Italia Lean Six Sigma CrossNova

Rocco Imperatore

Partner Crossnova

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