ILSSI Branded Online Course: Lean Black Belt


ILSSI Branded Online Course: Lean Black Belt


The ILSSI Certificate in Lean Black Belt is a confirmation of your ability to manage improvement projects often spanning value streams made up of multiple departments and functions, successfully working with a team of subject matter experts to apply Lean principles, tools, and methods to solve problems, eliminate waste and constraints to flow, and improve processes.

As a Black Belt, you are also able to assist senior management in developing and implementing a highly-customized enterprise deployment of Lean. It is recommended that you complete the required courses in the following order;

 L001 Introduction to Lean
 S001 Introduction to Six Sigma
 L002-1 Writing Effective Problem Statements
 L002-2 Introduction to Kaizen
 L002-3 Using the A3 Report for Rapid Improvement
 L002-4 SIPOC Mapping
 L003-1 Understanding and Implementing 5S/6S
 L003-2 Implementing and Facilitating Lean “Huddles”
 L003-3 Visual Workplace
 L003-4 Standard Work
 L004-1 Mapping the Process
 L004-2 Spaghetti Diagrams
 L004-3 Gemba (Waste) Walks
 S002-1 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
 S002-2 Error-Proofing/Mistake-proofing
 S003 Controlling the Process
 S004 Assessing Process Capability
 L005-1 Constructing Project Charters
 L005-2 Managing Change
 L006-1 Brainstorming, Affinity Diagrams & Team Voting
 L006-2 Cause & Effect Diagrams & the Five Whys
 L006-3 Pareto Charts and the 80/20 Rule
 L007 Value Stream Mapping
 L008 Kanban and Material Management
 L009-1 Work levelling/Load Balancing
 L009-2 Work Cell Design & Improved Office/Facility Layout
 L010 Rapid Changeover Techniques/SMED
 L011 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
 L012 Process Control Plans and Control Charts
 S005 Introduction to Basic Statistics
 S006-1 The Normal Distribution
 S006-2 The Standard Normal (Z) Distribution
 S006-3 Testing for Normality
 S007-1 Graphical Analysis – The Histogram
 S007-2 Graphical Analysis – The Boxplot
 S007-3 Graphical Analysis – The Scatter Plot
 L013 Lean Deployment Strategy and Methods