ILSSI Branded Online Course: Project Management

Certified Project Manager ILSSI

ILSSI Branded Online Course: Project Management


The ILSSI Certificate in Project Management is a confirmation of your understanding of project management principles and provides you with the fundamental principles and tools needed to start, lead and manage successful projects and project teams.

It is recommended that you complete the required courses in the following order;

 PMA01 Project Management Methodologies 1
 PMA02 Project Management Methodologies 2
 PME01 Initiating a Project
 PME02 Planning a Project
 PME03 Executing a Project
 PME04 Monitoring a Project
 PME05 Closing a Project
 PMA03 Activity & Resource Planning
 PMA05 Time Management in Projects
 PMA06 Developing a Budget (Cost Estimating)
 PMA08 Managing Project Risk
 PME09 Monitoring Progress
 PMA04 Organizing & Motivating a Team
 TWE02 Setting Common Goals
 TWE06 Roles & Responsibilities
 IT001 Agile Fundamentals
 PMM03 Scrum in Practice

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