Celebrating Excellence in Lean Six Sigma

The International Lean Six Sigma Institute (ILSSI) is proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of three distinguished professors who have expanded the body of knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. These global leaders have developed a greater understanding of the intersection of Lean Six Sigma with Sustainable systems and Smart Technology.

A Commitment to Excellence in Lean Six Sigma

Professor Chad Laux from Purdue University, USA, Professor Beth Cudney from Maryville University, USA, and Professor Jiju Antony from Northumbria University, UK, have been awarded for their exceptional contributions to the field of Lean Six Sigma. Their work has not only advanced academic understanding but has also provided practical insights for professionals in the field.

These professors have demonstrated a commitment to excellence that goes beyond the classroom. They have conducted groundbreaking research, published influential papers, and shared their knowledge with the wider Lean Six Sigma community. Their work has helped to shape the future of Lean Six Sigma, driving innovation and promoting best practices.


Celebrating Women in Lean Six Sigma

In recognition of International Women’s Day, ILSSI celebrates the amazing women leaders in the global community who are making a positive contribution in the field of Lean Six Sigma. These women, including Jennifer Hurst, Maria Makrygianni, Kiran Kachela, and many others, are trailblazers in their field, inspiring others with their dedication, expertise, and impact.

We extend our utmost appreciation to the women of the ILSSI community. In honor of International Women’s Day, we celebrate the global contributions of women in the field of Lean Six Sigma. Get to know them:

  • Beth Cudney, Ph.D., Professor, Author and Data Analytics guru.
  • Mary McShane Vaughn, PhD OPX Leader, Mentor, Six Sigma Statistician and acclaimed Author.
  • Andaluza Elisabeta Boncu , Leader in Innovation and Design Thinking and ILSSI Account Manager for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Anita Stalin, International Speaker, Coach and Trainer. Regional Director for India
  • Albanesa Ymaya, Kaizen Coach and ILSSI Caribbean Regional Leader
  • Solange Jorge Mendes , ILSSI Community Manager and representative for Spain.
  • Dr. Olivia McDermott, Professor, Mentor, Coach and ILSSI Regional Director for Ireland
  • Alexandra Niculae , International speaker, Coach and Mentor for Lean Six Sigma and OPEX.
  • Jenny Davis, Motivational Transformation Consultant, Coach, Scotland
  • Ana Preda, Senior Lean Six Sigma Coach and Mentor.
  • Patricia Esnault, International Leader in Business process Transformation and Optimisation.
  • Catherine McDonald,  Globally recognised Lean Coach and Facilitator.
  • Mona Asadi,  Lean Leader and Trainer in The Netherlands.
  • Juliane Haan, Lean Six Sigma Business Development specialist
  • Júlia Rodrigues, ILSSI lean process leader. …And let’s not forget the woman pioneer of process excellence and efficiency in work, Lillian Gilbreth 1878 – 1972  !

Other notable members include Beth Cudney, a Professor of Data Analytics; Mary Mcshane Vaughn, a Six Sigma Statistician and Author; Alexndra Niculae and Ana Preda, both Coaches and Mentors; Patricia Esenault, an expert in Business process and Optimisation; Catherine McDonald, a Lean Coach; Mona Asadi, a Lean Six Sigma Trainer in the Netherlands; and Júlia Rodrigues, an ILSSI lean process leader.

The future of Lean Six Sigma is bright, thanks to the efforts of these award-winning professors and the many women leaders in the field. Their work is helping to drive continuous improvement, operational excellence, and sustainable growth in organizations around the world.

In conclusion, ILSSI is proud to recognize and celebrate the achievements of these exceptional individuals. Their contributions are helping to advance the field of Lean Six Sigma, inspiring others to strive for excellence, and shaping the future of continuous improvement.