Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – Classroom and Online Training and Certification

six-sigma-yellow-beltLean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is an accredited and certified course by the International Lean Six Sigma Institute – designed for the worker who needs an understanding of the basic of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and the basic tools and techniques so that they can contribute effectively as the member of a Lean Six Sigma project team. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt qualifies the workers to support process improvement as part of a team.

We are the provider of world-class International Six Sigma Yellow Belt – accredited training, coaching and project assessment. We use industry experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belts as our classroom trainers.

Both the classroom and online Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt courses are focused on certifying students in the Lean Six Sigma methods, tools and techniques – used for quality and process improvement.

International Lean Six Sigma Institute (ILSSI) is the leading institute for the advancement and application of Lean Six Sigma Principles and tools for business process improvement. We are the facilitator of World-Class Lean Six Sigma Coaching and Training.

Classroom courses include the use of interactive games and class practical exercises to help you understand the principles, tools and techniques.

Objectives of Yellow Belt Course


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course (training and certification) provides an insight to the tools and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma and its process improvement methodologies.

The course provides the skills and knowledge needed to be to participate as part of a project team as a subject matter expert. It is the best way to give employees a stronger understanding of systems thinking while also enabling each individual to help in process improvement to achieve business goals. The course is also the start of the path towards achieving Green Belt certification.

After the training class you will take the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam in order to qualify fo your Internationally accredited certification.

What Will You Learn?

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Course teaches the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques.

  • Lean & Six Sigma Concepts and tools, Project selection and Team Roles
  • Key Elements of Successful Lean Transformation, Lean Flow, Pull and JIT
  • Continuous improvement, Kaizen and Quality Circles
  • 5S, Visual Tools, Root Cause Analysis and Value Stream Mapping

Overview of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Courses and Exams

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Online provides the following :

  • High quality Lean Six Sigma Videos
  • Easy to download study guides, terms and concepts
  • Lean Six Sigma Case Studies
  • Proctored Online Exams
  • Exam Certificate
  • Basic understanding of mathematics is required to be the part of Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification and to proceed to Green Belt and Black Belt.

Course Training Purpose

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training and certification course is designed to achieve the highest level of understanding, application and performance. It is the first step to move towards the Green Belt and Black Belt certification. The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification does not cover Design for Six Sigma ( DFSS ) statistical analysis tools or Design of Experiments (DOE) since this is covered in the Green and Black Belt courses.