Once you have purchased your ILSSI exam ( or been assigned it by your training organisation ) you will be asked to schedule your exam with ProctorU.   You will need a Webcam in order to take your exam and also a PHOTO ID ( Passport or Driver’s License or Government Issued ID )

Step 1: Create Your ProctorU User Account

If this is your first time scheduling an exam with ProctorU, click the Sign Up link here

Choose the Institution ‘International Lean Six Sigma Institute’

Step 2: Schedule Your Exam

From the My Session page, click the Schedule New Session button to schedule your exam date and time.

Select ‘Term’ as Lean Six Sigma Testing and Select the name of the exam you are taking from the drop-down list.

 Click the BOOK IT button next to your desired exam appointment time.

Check the Technical Requirements for Online Proctored Exam to make sure you have the right computer equipment.

Test your system’s equipment using the ProctorU System Test.

Step 3: Take Your Exam

At the date and time of your appointment, login to your ProctorU account

After logging in, you will see a countdown to your exam time at the top of the page. Prior to your exam appointment, you may reschedule using the Reschedule button.

At the appointment time, a Start button will appear next to the appointment. Click the Start button, and you will be connected to a proctor who will guide you through the rest of your proctored exam process.