Frequently Asked Questions FAQS : Master Black Belt certification program


How long does the Master Black Belt  application process take?

Pre-qualification takes 5 to 10  business days after we receive all evidence from the applicant.   The MBB Exam can be taken as soon as we have the pre-qualification evidence submitted to us by email.

Is there any pre-study material or do I just simply pay for the exam and complete it to receive the certification?

There is NO pre-study material.  Your Mentor ( assigned to you ) will guide you as to what you need to know.

How much time should I dedicate to preparing for this Master Black Belt exam?

Review your Black Belt materials.   There is no guideline on time.  Some Black Belts are ready without any study. Others may need to study for a few hours on topics assigned by your mentor.

The exam questions are not designed to test ‘book learning’.  They should be completed based on experience working as a Black Belt.

Are there any mock exams that I can take prior to the official exam to make sure that I am sufficiently prepared.

No.  We do no provide mock exam questions however your Mentor will guide you with the overall content to the exam.

What support is provided along the way? Is there someone that can guide me through the process?

YES, You will be assigned a MENTOR who is a Master Black Belt or a Black Belt and understands the process and what it takes to pass.

You can email and talk on phone with your mentor.

If I do not pass the Master Black Belt exam, what is the process then? Can I re-take it ?

Your mentor gives feedback and you can retake  the exam for £95 price after 2 weeks have passed.   OR  pay £395 again if you fail the Interview process and need to re-take the interview.

If I can re-take the MBB Exam, how soon after can I re-write and is this another total cost again to re-write?

See previous answer

How long does it take to receive my certification after the exam?

Emailed .pdf within 2 days,  Shipped hard-copy within no more than 7 days

I see there is information about the Master Black Belt MBB Accreditation board interview… when does this happen?

Either by Zoom within 2 weeks after the pre-quaificationl process is completed OR in Cambridge 12th Jan 2021 or in January 2022, 2023 etc ( dates to be announced ).

How often does this happen If I am not ready for the upcoming interview in January. How will this impact me?

Do it by ZOOM if you cannot attend in person in January.  We hold monthly accreditation board interviews by Zoom.

Does the accreditation interview all happen online now with Covid19 issues?

Yes, we hold monthly accreditation board interviews by Zoom.

£1200 seems great value all things considered in terms of doors this Master Black Belt Certification will open? What’s the catch / why so inexpensive ?

ILSSI provides a service to improve the Lean Six Sigma community and we are only covering our costs plus a contribution towards the running of our annual conference.

How long do I have from date of purchase to write the exam.

You have 1 year from time of purchase.

How long does the certification itself take/Is is self-paced?

The exam is 90 mins with an allowance for non-English speaking.   Your Mentor will work with you to decide a reasonable time if you have special needs.

What is the benefit of going with ILSSI instead of any other institute offering the same exam / certification?

We have International presence and credibility.    We have annual conferences.  The only true competition we have is ASQ.  You can yourself compare ASQ…you will find ASQ process much more expensive and time consuming.

What is the average pass rate of people who take your exams and receive their certification?

We have approx 70% first time pass rate for the MBB exam .    You need to get 70% score.

What support does ILSSI give us once we receive our MBB? Is there any networking events, groups that we are now a part of, benefits to help us find even better jobs or opportunities?

We have annual conferences.   Vibrant Community on Linkedin   see


Do you know how many currently registered Master Black Belts there are? (to show scarcity and that this is an elite club) .

It varies country by country.     In the UK there are approximately 2,000 total with MBB.  In USA approx  10,000 .   In India and Pakistan and South America  much less  ….less than 1000 total.

Earning potential increase? Better career options / head hunting? Anything that is more tangible than simply being in the elite club.

Yes,  strong demand in Market Place for Master Black Belts.  High earning potential US$ 150,000 + per year in multinational companies.

What is the real benefit of me getting my Master Black Belt, instead of just keeping my current Black Belt?

Promotion,   Salary Increase,  Status,   Freedom to change jobs,   Confidence,


How long does the Master Black Belt  application process take?

Pre-qualification takes 5 to 10  business days after we receive all evidence from the student.   The MBB Exam can be taken as soon as we have the pre-qualification evidence submitted to us by email.


Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions.  Call +44 191 375 5711 between 9am and 5pm UK London Time ( GMT )