ILSSI Branded Online Course: Lean Green Belt


ILSSI Branded Online Course: Lean Green Belt


The ILSSI Certificate in Lean Green Belt is a confirmation of your ability to manage improvement projects often spanning value streams made up of multiple departments and functions, successfully working with a team of subject matter experts to apply Lean principles, tools, and methods to solve problems, eliminate waste and constraints to flow, and improve processes.

It is recommended that you complete the required courses in the following order;

 L001 Introduction to Lean
 S001 Introduction to Six Sigma
 L002-1 Writing Effective Problem Statements
 L002-2 Introduction to Kaizen
 L002-3 Using the A3 Report for Rapid Improvement
 L002-4 SIPOC Mapping
 L003-1 Understanding and Implementing 5S/6S
 L003-2 Implementing and Facilitating Lean “Huddles”
 L003-3 Visual Workplace
 L003-4 Standard Work
 L004-1 Mapping the Process
 L004-2 Spaghetti Diagrams
 L004-3 Gemba (Waste) Walks
 S002-1 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
 S002-2 Error-Proofing/Mistake-proofing
 S003 Controlling the Process
 S004 Assessing Process Capability
 L005-1 Constructing Project Charters
 L005-2 Managing Change
 L006-1 Brainstorming, Affinity Diagrams & Team Voting
 L006-2 Cause & Effect Diagrams & the Five Whys
 L006-3 Pareto Charts and the 80/20 Rule
 L007 Value Stream Mapping
 L008 Kanban and Material Management
 L009-1 Work levelling/Load Balancing
 L009-2 Work Cell Design & Improved Office/Facility Layout
 L010 Rapid Changeover Techniques/SMED
 L012 Process Control Plans and Control Charts