ILSSI Branded Online Course: Digital Transformation for Lean Practitioners

ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Conference Cambridge 2021

ILSSI Branded Online Course: Digital Transformation for Lean Practitioners


The Certificate in Digital Transformation for Lean Practitioners is a confirmation of your foundational understanding in navigating the dynamic landscape of digital evolution. This micro-certificate program encompasses essential modules designed to equip students with an introduction to digital transformation. Beginning with an exploration of “What is Digital Transformation?” and delving into the significance of fostering a “Digital Culture”, participants will progress through topics a series of topics that culminate in discussions on “Leading a Digital Transformation” and contemplating whether “Digital Transformation is Just Change?”

This certificate can help you to develop a well-rounded perspective and skill set to thrive in the era of digital innovation. It is recommended that you complete the required courses in the following order;

 DTE01 What is Digital Transformation?
 DTE02 Why do you Need a Digital Culture?
 DTE03 The Four Types of Digital Transformation
 DTE04 Digital Disruption
 DTE05 The Design Thinking Mindset
 DTE06 What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?
 DTE07 The Power of Data Visualization
 DTE08 The Impact of Training on Digital Change
 DTE09 Leading a Digital Transformation
 DTE10 Is Digital Transformation Just Change?

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