Toyota continues tradition of a ‘No-Layoff’ policy for its full-time workers. Respect for Workers.

Top 5 reasons why the Toyota management model ( also called ‘The Toyota Way’ ) is so good @lean6st
  1. Toyota enjoys a market value that’s twice the combined market value of its next five competitors—with only one-sixth as many employees
  2. Toyota as never laid off any full-time salaried employees due to economic downturns in its entire corporate history ( it has however laid-off part-time or hourly workers ).
  3. Toyota has learned to treat employees/unions and suppliers as partners, defusing potential labor problems before they ever start
  4. Toyota makes a strong and genuine commitment to environmental improvement, in an industry widely known for its stonewalling on the issue
  5. Toyota will sometimes compensate an entire class of customers, as they did to all Lexus purchasers in 1996–97, following complaints about tire life; every purchaser got a $500 coupon, whether or not they’d complained
Even in 2017 the USA Toyota factories have a policy of relocation of workers rather then layoffs and all workers receive new job offers ;
The Kentucky Enquirer  / Detroit News : Jan 3, 2017  Jan. 3, 2017
Workers have begun relocating from Toyota’s Erlanger plant and will continue through the end of 2018, The Kentucky Enquirer reported.
The company, which is moving its facilities to the Dallas suburb of Plano, said the move will affect 648 workers. All employees received a job offer as part of the restructuring, company spokeswoman Kelly Stefanich said.