Lean principles in teaching and Higher Education

This interesting and valuable research White Paper by M. L. Emiliani  a.k.a  Prof ‘Bob’ Emiliani.   Published 2016 in International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management.

He provides strong evidence that the use of Lean Principles including  ‘PULL’  systems and ‘Supermarkets’  in High education will reduce waste and improve the student learning experience.

I hope the the new UK Minister for Education, Justine Greening,  reads this and becomes educated in why and how Lean principles should be applied and practiced in UK Universities.


Lean Teaching :  By Professor M.L. ‘Bob’ Emiliani

“Evolution in Lean Teaching,” which describes Bob Emiliani’s recent work to expand and evolve the application of Lean principles and practices to teaching. The focus is “grading inside the process” and creating a pull system for learning in a graduate course on Lean leadership.

The paper was submitted to International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, for the special issue on Lean Six Sigma for Higher Education.