ILSSI provides NFTs on blockchain for proof of authenticity of certification

Did you know that there exists a huge problem with fake certifications, even for University degrees ?  More seriously fake certificates are being used for many forms of criminal activity such as illegal immigration.

See for example:

Fake Covid19 vaccination certificates:

Fake University degrees:

ILSSI NFT Certificates using blockchain to prevent fraud

NFTs themselves are just computer code— instructions to validate what something is, and how it should be governed. All within a single smart contract (the code) one can establish what the work is (an image of a certificate, for example), the rules by which it can be transfered for example. Its existence on a blockchain (immutable ledger) and details how, when, and by whom it was created ( this called ‘provenance’).

ILSSI has chosen to store its NFT certificates on a decentralised blockchain called Polygon which is a ‘layer 2’ blockchain which is connected to the larger Ethereum blockchain

If the NFT states that it was created by the ‘wallet address’ 0x51330d695cE239eCfc6eDEFaB8A79092A6bb854F  ( which is shown as 51330D in its shorteded form )  we can know with certainty that it was created by the ILSSI Institute.    Also contract address will be :   0x5961c25cf253481552036e5863b3685a5db00c23    Only ILSSI has access to the ‘Digital Keys’ to be able to ‘Sign’ the certificate with these addresses.


NFT Certificate ILSSI Certifications Cambridge stored on Polygon Blockchain
NFT Certificate ILSSI Certifications Cambridge stored on Polygon Blockchain

In the near future ( 3 to 10 years ) many other forms of Certification will use NFTs as their proof of authenticity—for example car titles, property deeds, etc.

You can then remind yourself that ILSSI had already impemented NFT certificate authenification in August 2022 !

Any quesions ?   email with the subject line ‘NFT Question’