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    <div class=”micro-share”><div id=”top_ads” class=”print cpc-track”></div> <h2>What is solid wood cribs?</h2><p> Perhaps the material is not one of the aspects that most concern you when buying baby cribs, but aren't you curious to know the types of materials in which baby cribs are made?
    This could help you make a better purchase decision, knowing this type of information may seem unnecessary, but believe us. </p><p> Next, we will show you the different types of materials in which baby cribs are made and a list of well-known brands from different parts of the world where you can buy this important furniture.

    Remember that the crib will be the place where your baby will spend more time during the first years of her life. </p><h2>What is the safest crib for a baby?</h2><p> In Babies and More we usually talk a lot about co-sleeping because we understand that most children, if we respect their needs for affection and security, end up sleeping with their parents in the same bed.
    </p><p> This, however, does not exclude that they can sleep in a crib, firstly because there are children do not want to sleep with their parents (they are hot, they move too much, they wake up when their parents move, etc.), and secondly because there are parents who simply prefer that each one have their defined place at bedtime.

    </p><p> Children, however, cannot sleep anywhere and, in the same way that when co-sleeping, certain rules must be taken into account so that it is not dangerous, cribs must have certain characteristics to be considered safe. We are going to see below how a crib should be in order to consider it safe.

    </p><h2>What does a crib have to have to be safe?</h2><p> The crib must be approved. The BOE contains the rules and guidelines that manufacturers must follow to make a crib a safe place for children to sleep. The European regulation in force as of today is UNE-EN 716-1: 2008.

    When buying a crib, we must make sure that it complies with these regulations. </p><p> That it has a correct distance between the bars. The distance should not be too small, where a finger can get caught, nor too great where the head can enter, for example.
    The correct distance would be between 4.5 and 6.5 cm. </p><p> That it is not made of toxic materials. This is logical, but today you know … the materials cannot be toxic for the baby. It is possible that she will suck on the bars and even that, when she grows up and stands up, she will nibble on the railing.

    </p><p> That the barrier is firmly fixed when she does not have to move, so that only Mom and Dad will be able to lower and raise it. </p><p> That the minimum width of the crib is 60 cm and that it is at least 20 cm longer than the child. The height of the base of the crib, where the baby will sleep, must also be modifiable: from about 60 cm from the ground at the beginning to 30 cm when the child grows and we lower the base.
    </p><p> It should not have protections or bumps. Until now they were used so that the child would not hurt himself, but it is possible that he gets too close to them and cannot breathe well. </p><p> Have the decorations, stickers or drawings well glued or painted, so that the child cannot tear them off.

    </p><div class=”spacer image_sharing_exclude” id=”middle_ads”></div><p> Have wheels that can be locked (at least two should be able to lock). When the baby stands up we must move the crib away from windows, sofas or beds to prevent her from using them as an aid to get out.
    In addition, the mattress will have to be lowered to a lower position to prevent it from coming out on its own. </p><p> There should be no cushions, no stuffed animals, or loose bedding. </p><p> The mattress has to be suitable for the crib you have. This way it will fit snugly and there will be no gaps where the baby can get trapped in some way.

    </p><p> But I have inherited it and it is impossible for it to be approved according to these regulations </p><h3>What a crib has to be like to be safe?</h3><p> Many times old cribs are taken advantage of, borrowed or inherited from oneself (for a time we had the crib in which my wife slept as a child, although no one ever slept in it, I'm afraid).
    </p><p> In that case it is impossible for them to be approved according to a 2008 regulation, so we will have to do a review of the crib to see if it complies with everything stated above (measurements, space between bars, movable barrier, …) and logically verify that the wood It is in good condition, that there are no splinters, screws, rivets or any dangerous protrusions at bedtime, as well as no points or corners that could be dangerous when the baby is out, crawling or walking around the crib.

    </p><p> One last tip that will make the crib even safer </p><p> In addition to all that has been mentioned, there is still one last tip that will make the crib an even safer place and that does not have to do with its construction, but rather with the place where it is located.
    </p><p> Each couple must decide where they want their children to sleep, there is no doubt about this, however I would always advise that, whether in a separate bed or in a crib, parents and children are together in the same room. </p><p> The why is very logical: not everything that can happen to a baby at night is related to her crib.

    Sometimes they choke on their own drool, sometimes they spit up, sometimes the fever rises without realizing it, sometimes they vomit, sometimes … and although most of the time they complain enough that they can be heard from another room We will always find out earlier and we will always arrive earlier if we are closer, that is, in the same room.

    </p><h2>The 8 Best Baby Cribs of 2021</h2>

    1. <h4>White Gray Folding Baby Crib.</h4>
    2. <h4>Mini Fresh crib.</h4>
    3. <h4>Chicco Next2me crib.</h4>
    4. <h4>Rock Star Baby crib.</h4>
    5. <h4>Pirulos baby cot.</h4>
    6. <h4>Little Stars Folding Crib.</h4>
    7. <h4>Mini crib circles.</h4>
    8. <h4>Wooden scissor crib.</h4>

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