Viewsonics go #EXTREMESIXSIGMA crazy with their new monitors. Zero defective pixels allowed out of a total of 4 million / monitor. Their website explains how each of their 18″  SXGA  LCD monitors that they produce has nearly 4 million sub-pixels. 
Their return ( warranty ) policy will allow you to return a monitor in the first 3 months even if you find 1 bad pixel !  Very impressive.  

Even 7 non-performing pixels would equate to an extremely small 0.00018 percent of the total sub-pixels.

(1280 Horizontal Pixels) * (1024 Vertical Pixels) * (3 sub-pixels per pixel) = 3,932,160 sub-pixels
This is much higher than the standard set by Motorola when they established 6 sigma level as 3.4 defects per million opportunities for defects.   I always thought that Motorola set the bar too low !   I say we now need #EXTREMESIXSIGMA  or perhaps #SEVENSIGMA.  Who is with me on this ??