I respect Kauser Khan for her obvious business skills and determination and wish her and her company Protocol.org.in all the best ( see article below ”She trains for Professional Excellence” ) it is essentially a ‘Finishing School for Executives’…HOWEVER, the hiring and promoting of executives based on their  ‘executive image’, soft skills and political correctness is NOT the correct approach as shown by the world’s most successful companies ( Toyota, GE, Apple for example ).  Effective and capable executives need an intimate understanding of the specific business processes in their companies ( the ‘gemba’ where value is actually created ) and a technical understanding of the inner workings of the business.    Of course executives need the ‘soft skills’ however this should never be at the expense of true understanding of the processes for which they have ultimate responsibility.   These are the teachings of Eiji Toyoda ( Toyota ), W. Edwards Deming and Joseph Juran ,,,and one of the foundations of ‘Lean Management’  promoted today by such organizations as the Lean Enterprise Institute  ( Lean.org ) …James Womack and co.