Cycle Time :  The new Wait Time in Healthcare

Excellent article by Dr. Douglas Woodhouse ( physician-engineer and healthcare consultant ) explains how Lean Six Sigma can assist in reduction of waiting times ( Lead time or Cycle times ) for patients. The advice and direction given in this article is also supported by well documented studies of ‘best in class’ manufacturing ( particularly automotive ) and service industries ( such as Call Centers ). The ‘best in class’ industries understand process improvement methods. tools and techniques to reduce cycle time at the same time as improving quality ( of service or product ) and at the same time reducing costs. This is the essence of the methods, tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma which although it has been well documented for over 20 years, still has yet to be discovered or is incorrectly implemented by many organizations. My company provides training if anyone reading this is interested in learning about how Lean Six Sigma can really help improve your processes. @lean6st