This 2 day tunnel project in Holland ( A12 between Ede and Bennekom) is a wonderful example of Lean Six Sigma principles in action.  See full 2 day Time-Lapse video here :
1. Identify and remove every kind of non-value-added activity ( rework, waiting, transport, motion etc ) and focus on delivery of the value ( a new passage under the main road ) as quickly as possible and minimal stress/ disruption to customers ( road users).
2. SMED/ Rapid change over. Pre-construction of as much as possible before you shut down the road ( flow of value ).   Most efficient use of time and resources while the road is closed. Every minute used…even when it rains!
3. Create FLOW in the work place. Watch how everything flows. No waiting or bottlenecks. The project managers have done an excellent job in understanding critical path and CRITICAL CHAIN of resources needed for the project (and using TOC) .

They ultimately delivered the VALUE ( a passage to drive under the highway) with high Quality, minimum time, minimum disruption…and the cost of this project was also substantially lower than equivalent projects using other traditional methods and management where delays / rework and waste push up the costs.
Congratulations to the Wagemaker engineering company in Holland ! I hope that Governments all over the world will see this video and understand what can be achieved if they change their way of thinking and apply Lean Six Sigma principles, tools and techniques to their projects.